14 Super Easy Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas at Home

Plastic bottles recycling ideas are a great way to reuse your waste and give plastic items another lease of life. We are using far too much plastic in our daily lives. It’s evident we need to move away from this wasteful material and find something more planet-friendly that remains durable.

Arguably, the best strategy would be to go to zero waste. However, it seems like it will be a while before we become a waste-free society. According to the Recycle Coach, there are around 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic globally. What’s more, 6.3 billion of that is considered trash.

Plastic has significant impacts on our planet, people, and wildlife. Therefore, if there is a way we can divert some of this plastic from going to landfill, we have to do it. And what better way to do so than with creative DIY projects that are fun for kids and adults alike?

14 Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas

Below are some fun and creative ways to reuse plastic bottles to save the planet. These projects can be enjoyed by everyone and are simple to do. Continue reading for our super easy plastic bottles recycling ideas at home.

1. Make Hanging Baskets for Flowers

If you have many plastic bottles around the house, why not use them to create unique hanging baskets for your flowers? It’s super easy to do. You only need a bottle, scissors, and some tape and thread.

Start by cutting off the base of your bottle and follow by washing the bottle thoroughly. Next, grab your tape and put a barrier around where you have cut the bottle. Then, cut four equal lengths of twine and punch four holes where you have placed the tape.

plastic bottle recycling ideas

Insert your thread and tie the ends to ensure they stay in the bottle. Then, add a small amount of aluminium foil inside your bottle around the edges. This will add an insulating layer to draw heat to keep your plant’s roots healthy. It’ll also prevent your soil from drying out.

The final steps are to choose your plant or flowers, add in your soil, and hang the basket in a spot in your garden. You should hang it somewhere the plant will get the sunlight it needs and a place you can easily water.

2. Transform Plastic Bottles Into Bird Feeders

Another one of our super easy plastic bottles recycling ideas is to transform your plastic bottles into bird feeders. Another exciting DIY for the garden, this project couldn’t be more straightforward. You’ll need plastic drink bottles, birdseed, scissors, and a wire or string.

Once you have all your materials ready to go, start by chopping a hole in the side of your plastic bottle. Remember, it must be big enough to allow seeds to flow out. At the same time, you don’t want to make it too big that they all fall out when the weather gets a tad blustery.

Next, make some small holes at the base of the bottle so any rainwater can quickly drain out. Then, use the wire or string to hang your bird feeder in your garden and add the bird seed. Once the bottle starts to wear or the food inside begins to go mouldy, simply recycle the bottle and make another one.

3. Use Your Old Bottles to Improve Your Kitchen Organisation

This one is not a DIY project, but it still makes for a brilliant way to reuse your plastic bottles. If you want to up your kitchen organisation game, this idea is for you! All you need is plastic bottles and some labels (if you want to take it to another level).

Then, fill up your bottles with the food items of your choosing. Some great options include cereal, lentils, seeds, dried fruits, and more. This is also great if you want to start shopping at zero-waste stores or refilling stations.

You don’t have to buy any fancy glass jars. Instead, you can use your plastic waste to pick up your grocery. Of course, don’t forget to wash all of your bottles before you store your food!

4. Create Funky Planters for Your Green Children

Our next easy plastic bottles recycling ideas is to create some funky and creative planters. You will need plastic bottles, scissors, a marker, paints and paint brushes, soil, and a chosen plant. Start by removing the label from your bottle and washing it.

Then, take your marker and draw the shape you want your planter to be. The easiest ones to do are animals, particularly cats. This is because the design is essentially straight apart from the ears.

Once you have finished your outline, begin cutting out the design. Next, start painting the design to your desired result and leave your brand new unique planter out to dry. Finally, pop your soil in and your plant once the paint is fully dry.

5. Make a Bowling Game Set

The next idea we have is to use plastic bottles to make a bowling game set. It is simple and only requires ten plastic bottles and some felt numbers or markers. This DIY is much quicker than the rest, as all you have to do is add the numbers to your bottles.

Then, grab a small ball and assemble your bottles. After that, you are ready to have fun with family and friends! How amazing is it that you can use items you were prepared to toss to create a whole at-home game?

6. DIY Pencil Pots

Next of our plastic bottles recycling ideas is one for children and adults because you can get creative. To create DIY pencil pots from old plastic bottles, you’ll need bottles, some paints, scissors, and any other art crafts you desire.

recycle plastic bottles

Start by cutting the top of the bottle off, and then let your artistic abilities out. Once you are happy with your design, pop your pencils in it, and you are ready to go. If you need some inspiration for your design, we recommend you have a look on Pinterest!

7. Create a Cute Vase for Your Flowers

If you’re a flower lover, this plastic bottle DIY project is for you! All you need is some plastic bottles, scissors and paints. The best part of this DIY is you can get as creative as possible and use whatever art supplies you desire.

Begin by cutting the top of your bottle off. Then, use your art supplies to create the design you want. Whether you wish to go simple with one colour, add stripes, or draw, it’s entirely up to you. Once all the paint has dried, put your flowers in.

8. Make Music Shakes to Jam To

This one of our plastic bottles recycling ideas is probably best suited for primary school teachers. Once made, you can bring these into your classroom and jam out with your students for some fun. Alternatively, you could have the students make this DIY for extra enjoyment. You’ll need some sticky back contact paper or duct tape. It can be whatever design you like.

In addition, a funnel is helpful, and you will require some beans. Begin by covering your bottle with duct tape or contact paper. Then, use your funnel to put your beans inside the bottle. It’s as simple as that, and there is no wait time. Once made, you are ready to have a music session with the kids.

9. DIY Decorative Snack Bowls

This is a brilliant hack if you are planning to throw a party. Especially when you consider the amount of waste that can be generated at a gathering! You’ll need some plastic bottles; large soda bottles are best.

Then, cut a few inches up from the base and smooth the edges by pressing the plastic against an iron. Then, you can decorate the bowls with paint or art supplies of your choice. Let your bowl dry if you have painted it, and then you are ready to start filling your DIY decorative snack bowls with food.

10. Make a Piggy Bank to Hold Your Change

Another one of our innovative plastic bottles recycling ideas is to make a piggy bank. It’s a super easy project that both children and adults will enjoy. To do this project, you’ll need a plastic bottle, tape, scissors or a knife, paint, googly eyes, and a marker.

Star by cutting off the base and top of your plastic bottle and reconnecting these parts with some tape. Then, paint your piggy bank with the paint of your choice. Once the paint is dry, add your googly eyes and some marks on the bottle cap to symbolise the snout.

Then, add some cardboard ears to the top using glue. Remember, you don’t have to do a pig; you can do any animal you like. Once you are finished, and all the glue has dried, you can start filling up your piggy bank with loose change.

11. DIY Watering Can

If you need a watering can, don’t worry. You most likely have some plastic bottles lying around that will make a great watering can. All you need to do is punch some holes in the cap of a bottle and then fill the bottle with water.

This is arguably the most straightforward DIY plastic bottles project but one that can help save money and waste, so a win-win!

12. Baskets for Halloween and Easter

Halloween is just around the corner, and Easter won’t be long after. This DIY allows you to create cute Easter baskets and Halloween trick-or-treat baskets. You’ll need a large plastic bottle, scissors or a knife, a piece of ribbon, and art supplies of your choice.

Start by cutting a few inches up from the base of your plastic bottle. Then, punch a hole in either side of the basket’s rim. Place the ribbon through either side and tie it off to ensure the handle is sturdy.

Finally, add any art supplies of your choice to make the basket unique for you. Whether you want to make a Halloween or Easter one, you can add felt ghosts, spider stickers, bunny stamps, paint, and much more. Once the paints and glues are entirely dry, you’re ready to use your basket for collecting treats or eggs from the Easter bunny!

13. Create Your Own Bottle Terrarium

Next on our plastic bottles recycling ideas is a really exciting and fulfilling activity for children. What’s more, it is educational, which is a big plus. You’ll need a plastic bottle, scissors, take, soil, and some plant seeds.

Begin by cutting the bottle a few inches up from the base. Then, fill your base with soil and plant your seeds. Next, connect the two parts of the bottle with some tape. Finally, add some water and adequately care for the plant.

From this point, you are ready to start looking after your plant. Soon enough, you should see the plant beginning to flourish and almost outgrowing your plastic bottle. At this point, you can create a larger terrarium out of a bigger plastic bottle.

14. Make Works of Art With Plastic Bottle Caps

Since a lot of our DIY projects do not involve plastic bottle caps, it seems only fitting to focus one of our ideas on this. One way to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away is to create your own mural bottle cap art.

how to recycle plastic bottles

For this, we recommend you look on Pinterest for some ideas. Then, start collecting the bottle cap colours you need. For example, if you want to do a bee, you’ll need some yellow, black, and white bottles.

You can form your bottle cap design together and then glue it to a canvas. Then, hang it up in your home and be proud of what you created.

Are You Ready To Start With These Plastic Bottles Recycling Ideas?

As humans, we curate so much plastic waste, so it is a great idea to try and reuse it where possible. These plastic bottles recycling ideas are all incredibly functional and fun projects for adults and children to enjoy.

If you want to try these ideas, remember to be careful when using knives, scissors, and sharp tools. Children should always be supervised by a parent or guardian when doing these projects to ensure maximum safety.