7 Ways to Stay Healthy for your Mind, Body, and Soul

With the current global situation, it can be difficult to keep a positive mindset whilst staying at home. Don’t worry, here are 7 Ways to Stay Healthy to do during your week to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy, whilst keeping eco-friendly.

Ways to Stay Healthy – Mind

When in lock-down, it can get tough to be stuck indoors alone or with people. So here are some tips to keep your mind clear and relaxed.

1. Meditation

If this is something totally new to you, don’t be intimidated it is simply the art of relaxing your mind and clearing it of all negative thoughts.

ocean keeps your mind fresh and healthy

Meditation will not only keep you in a peaceful state of mind, but it also helps with focus and understanding your own mind. This will lead to freedom from your thoughts but also acceptance of yourself and situations you are put in.

There is no specific time of day that you must meditate, you can do it whenever you please. Whether that be first thing in the morning, just before bed or whilst you’re in the bath, anywhere and anytime is not an issue.

You can either lay down or sit, but you must be in a comfortable and calm environment. Then close your eyes and listen to yourself, on how you are feeling physically and emotionally.

meditation as a way to stay healthy

This has a big effect on your meditation session. Keeping in mind the relaxing environment, people often tend to meditate in complete silence or to a chill playlist.

Meditation is a very personal activity, and the effects can be different for everyone so do what is right for you.

2. Yoga

Yoga is known around the world to benefit your mental and physical health. It may seem intimidating but you don’t need to be incredibly flexible and bendy to be able to do yoga.

Like any other sport, it takes time to improve at it, however, if you do it daily or a few times a week you will start to see major changes happen to your body.

Due to there being many different types of yoga, I cannot advise just one so check out some guides to the best yoga books for you, depending on your level of practice.

yoga as a way to stay healthy

Yoga may not be for you, but if it is you will want to keep pushing yourself towards improving and achieving new poses. Yoga and meditation are deeply connected, as they both able you to clear your mind.

Practicing yoga helps you to focus on your breathing, and makes you aware of what your body is capable of doing. This creates a path to self-discovery as well as self-care.

Yoga includes everything from breathing exercises, stretching poses, core workouts, and therapy to create a perfect balance between mind, body, and soul.

3. Intellectual curiosity

Thinking of ways to fill your days can be difficult, so why not inspire yourself by learning new things. If you already have hobbies or are looking for something new why not try these ideas.

Pick up a book, no matter if you enjoy fiction or non-fiction, books are a great way to keep your mind focused and to improve concentration. Watch educational programs, such as nature documentaries which help you to relax and expand your knowledge at the same time.

It is important to limit your screen time, especially on social media as it can induce negative thoughts and pull your focus away from keeping a positive mindset and caring for yourself.

ways to stay healthy journaling

Art is another practice that can help clear your mind by giving you a project to focus on. This can be anything from drawing, to painting, to sculpting or even making music.

Keeping yourself busy is essential, to avoid going into hibernation and giving up on continuing a daily routine. Create a routine filled with things that you enjoy and that keep you motivated. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

4. Nature therapy

One of the worst things for your mental health is to be constantly stuck indoors. Being outside in nature has many benefits, such as reducing stress, relieving depression and anxiety, encouraging physical activity, and giving you that vitamin D.

ven if you get outside for an hour a day, you will see changes in your mood almost instantly. Use this time to meditate, workout, practice yoga, read a book, or just to be alone in your thoughts.

If you live near any national parks, forests, or fields, take your activity time to go for a walk or a small hike and get some fresh air.

Nature as a way to stay healthy

If you don’t have a back garden or can’t get outside frequently then make sure to keep your windows open to allow air flow through your home.

Adding plants to your home is also an idea, this improves the air quality, creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds natural visual beauty.

Gardening is also the perfect excuse to get outside, this can be planting seeds and creating your own vegetable patch or flower garden. You can order these online or usually buy them in local supermarkets.

Ways to Stay Healthy – Body

Keeping your body healthy and in good shape is essential when stuck in isolation. It can be easy to fall into a lazy routine of eating junk food, watching Netflix, and flicking through social media.

Here are some tips and advice on keeping a healthy diet and creating a simple but efficient workout routine.

1. A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy can be daunting, but it’s much easier than you think. The key factor to consider is the number of calories you are consuming daily.

It is important to keep a healthy balance in the range of foods you eat and to not exceed the number of calories recommended per day.

ways to stay healthy for your body

Avoiding refined carbs such as sugar, white bread, white pasta… is beneficial to losing weight. Changing these to eating good carbs such as quinoa, oats, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, and most vegetables can improve your energy levels and help with weight loss.

Including antioxidants in your diet helps to boost your immune system and reduce damage to cells. These can be found in many plant-based foods, which are full of vitamins such as blueberries, raspberries, artichokes, beans, nuts, spinach, and many more.

Changing your weekly meal plans is a good way to start. Try to include at vegetables and fruits in your diet every day. If you are a meat eater you should switch to less fatty meats and include plant based meal options at least twice a week.

Cut down on saturated fats and sugars, this is mainly junk foods, frozen meals, cakes, cream, butter…

Finally, the most vital thing to increase is your water intake.

ways to stay healthy drink water

It is recommended to drink at least 6-8 large glasses of water a day and avoid any drinks with high sugar concentrations.

But don’t worry you can still treat yourself once in a while, we won’t tell anyone.

2. Keeping up exercise

As it isn’t possible to go to the gym at the moment, you may be wondering about home workouts to keep fit. Not everyone has a home gym, or machines and weights to use for exercising, so here are some tips for bodyweight workouts you can do.

This can be a cardio or core workout, with exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, lunges, crunches, squats, and other core exercises for strength training. The number of reps you do will depend on your level of fitness and level of intensity you wish to train at.

Healthy workout

You can work out alone or with someone, which may result in relieving tension in your home.

Keeping up your fitness is important when stuck in isolation, whether you do this in your home or outside. It helps to relieve stress and keep your mind clear, this will also increase your focus with any tasks or projects you have organized.

There are many exercise videos online that you can follow for different workout regimes, and for all different ages.

ways to stay healthy exercise

For cardio, you can do home exercises but it is healthier for your body and mind to get fresh air, so go for a run or a long walk outside. Even if you do 10 minutes a day class, this can make a huge difference to your daily routine and relieving you of stress.

3. Self-care

When your at home you just want to lounge around in comfortable clothes which is absolutely fine. However, don’t let it effect your mood and your routine.

Keep yourself clean and keep your skin and hair healthy. This will make you prepared for the day even if its to sit on your laptop working on the sofa.

self care as way to stay healthy

The better you feel in your skin, the more positive your mind will be. There are many organic and eco-friendly hair and skincare products out there, which are much better for you and the environment, so why not give them a go.

Keeping to a routine is important, so make sure your sleeping pattern is sensible and regular. Taking a nap once a day is not a problem, it makes you more relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.

Avoid drinking too many alcoholic drinks, and eat healthy foods. Breathing exercises are perfect if you are stressed, anxious, or feeling down, you can do this whilst meditating or practicing yoga.

dance to stay healthy

Finally, the most important thing of all is to do what makes you happy. Put some music on and dance around the room!

Make sure to contact your loved ones or even just give them a hug if you are living together. Don’t get yourself down, this is the perfect opportunity to really take the time to look after yourself!

Keep Healthy and Happy

Hopefully these ideas will help you change up your daily routines and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. What better time to starting your path to self-care than right now?

healthy dog

Keeping a clear and relaxed mind is easy if you keep to your daily routines and avoid negative situations. Focus on yourself and the present moment.

Realize your self-worth, write down your self-goals, create a positive atmosphere, and most importantly do what makes you happy.