Grandmacore: 5 Ways To Start Dressing Like A Cool Grandma

With hundreds of thousands of #grandmcore posts on Instagram and TikTok, Grandmacore is a trending aesthetic that does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

Honestly, thank goodness. The refreshing cosy feel of Grandmacore is bucking the pain for the beauty trend that the fashion industry has always clung to. In place of high heels, there are comfortable flats and kitten heels. Instead of cropped tees, we have coastal granny sweaters.

More than just a fashion aesthetic, Grandmacore has become tempting for so many because it finds joy in the little things. Instead of focusing on the big goals that are still out of reach, it encourages us to appreciate the things we do have and feel grateful for a simpler life. 

But, there’s no denying it, mindfulness philosophy aside, Grandmacore is vintage, inviting, and downright cool.

What Is Grandmacore?

Grandmacore is the wholesome yet quirky sibling to the more well-known Cottagecore. Filled with antiques, vintage fabrics, cozy elements, and those fresh baked caked scents, Grandmacore is comfort and style all blended into one eclectic lifestyle.

The most exciting thing about this trend is that you can dive in as deep as you like.

Just want an air of grandma chic, choose a vintage knit sweater and pair it with a fitted slip dress.


However, if you want to live and breathe Grandmacore, get those lace doilies out and start serving tea like a true 90-year-old professional.

Drenched in nostalgia, Grandmacore draws inspiration from the traditional, some would say stereotypical, image of that friendly Grandma that always had freshly baked cookies placed right next to her knitting needles and loved to curse with wild abandon.

Grandmacore is an aesthetic that no longer cares about the opinions of others. It is the perfect aesthetic for someone who wants to unapologetically wear what they love, regardless of whether it clashes or meets society’s idea of fashion.

How To Wear The Grandmacore Aesthetic

Finding vintage inspiration is easy with this wholesome aesthetic. Not only is the focus on choosing long-lasting pieces that excuse comfort, but this sustainable aesthetic actively encourages us to stick to circular consumerism.

Get comfortable with visiting your local or online thrift stores because this is where you will find the best Grandmacore items, at a price you really won’t be able to say no to.


If you only purchase one new piece to explore this nostalgic aesthetic, make it a silk headscarf. No grandma’s wardrobe is complete without a bold, floral headscarf to keep her fresh perm secure as she exits the salon.

grandmacore outfit with headscarf

Let’s be honest, this is the most versatile piece in the Grandmacore wardrobe. Perfect for windy days, days you can’t be bothered to wash your hair, or it can be easily upcycled into a neck scarf or accessories for your oversized handbag.

It also exudes a little old-school glamour to lift your cozy, laid-back day outfits and save them from vintage boredom.

Florals & Plaid

Your Grandma does not care about matching colors or complimenting prints, she sees what she likes, puts it on, and doesn’t care what the world thinks. This is advice we should all take more notice of.

Mix and match bold florals with delicate blooms or introduce a bold plaid print. Grandmacore is far from boring, instead, it takes all our favorite prints, colors, and patterns and throws them into one place with unabashed confidence.

There is no color palette you have to adhere to, just choose what you love and leave what you don’t. Play around with pastels and jewel tones, finding color combinations that bring you joy.

Comfort Comes First

This aesthetic is not for the body-con girlies, although you can introduce fitted elements to balance the flowing comfort you will be consumed by. Just make sure it still embodies the vintage nostalgia of Gradmacore.

grandmacore aesthetic

But, when you conjure to mind your stereotypical Grandma, she looks damn comfy, am I right? Soft, woolen sweaters, silken gloves, and flowing skirts. Discomfort isn’t welcome here.

With this aesthetic, knitted cardigans and kitten heels are making a comeback.

Thrift & Vintage

One of the things I love about this aesthetic is how sustainability is woven into its core. Instead of encouraging you to run out and snap up a whole new wardrobe from Target, it champions vintage, secondhand, and even handmade clothing.

Not only does this make it insanely affordable to explore Grandmacore, but it also gives you the space to explore old-fashioned skills like sewing and knitting.

Not sure what you are looking for when you go thrifting, take your Granny with you. Use her laser-focussed shopping talents to spot a Grandmacore bargain you might not have noticed before.

Natural Fibres Over Synthetic

No granny worth her salt will choose rayon or polyester over silk, wool, cotton, or linen. There’s a quiet luxury to natural fibers. Not only will they be far more comfortable on your skin, but they align with the sustainable foundations of this aesthetic.

grandmacore clothes

Natural fibers are kinder to our planet, especially when sourced using sustainable practices, and unlike synthetic polyester, they won’t be hanging around landfills for hundreds of years.

Get familiar with clothing labels so you can sniff out the natural from synthetic.

Are You Ready To Be Inspired By Your Grandma’s Wardrobe?

Building a capsule granny-inspired wardrobe is easy and, as you now know, super affordable.

Items like cardigans, vintage knit sweaters, flowing skirts, vintage florals, and looser fits will create the illusion of having pinched your outfit from the depths of your Grandma’s clothing collection.

Grandmacore can be so much more than just a clothing aesthetic, introduce lace elements like doilies to your home. As well as antiques, cozy knitted blankets, and a special corner for your knitting to create a cozy and inviting space your grandma would be proud of.

This aesthetic can even make its way into your mindset.

Honoring traditional skills like baking, knitting, sewing, and handicrafts, Grandmacore can inspire a life that finds joy in the simplest of things. If you want to learn more about different aesthetic lifestyles, also check out our articles about cottagecore, fairycore, goblincore, and farmcore.